Induction Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first thing a Beginning Teacher should do when qualified and before commencing his/her teaching career?

The BT must register with the:

Full details of the process are outlined in the Teacher Education Partnership Handbook (August 2010 version) 

What is the Induction Stage?


Induction is the first stage of a teacher’s professional development and is ideally completed in his/her first year of teaching.

What is the aim of Induction?

‘The overall aim of Induction is to continue to address the GTCNI Competences and Core Values and to encourage the Beginning Teacher to develop their critical reflective practice in order to improve their teaching and the quality of pupil learning which … will not be fully developed during Initial Teacher Education.’ (Teacher Education Partnership Handbook, Section 4.1)  The Career Entry Profile, which highlights the Beginning Teacher’s strengths and areas for development as they emerge from Initial Teacher Training, is a crucial bridging document into Induction.

What support is available to Beginning Teachers during the Induction stage?

A programme of EA and, where appropriate, school-based professional development is provided to Beginning Teachers by the Education Authority’s Induction and EPD Team aimed at supporting their successful completion of the core requirements of Induction.  This is the first step in the process of reflective professional learning and is the beginning of career-long professional development.  The programme is supplemented by online information and resources from the Education Authority’s Induction and EPD website.

Can a teacher complete Induction in more than one school?

Where a BT does not have the opportunity to complete Induction in one school, the following applies:

  • The BT compiles their Induction portfolio with the required evidence, (Action Plan 1, CPD records, extra-curricular evidence, where appropriate) and the Teacher Tutor’s completed ‘Interim Review Report’
  • The BT presents this evidence to the second (and any subsequent) school and, with the school’s agreement, continues the process, completing Action Plan 2 and including it with further CPD and extra-curricular evidence in their portfolio, in order to complete the Induction stage.  When ready, the ‘Summative Report on Induction’ will be completed by the second or further school, which will also take responsibility for signing the teacher off Induction by completing and sending the ‘Letter of Successful Completion of Induction’ to the GTCNI. 

BTs should refer to the ‘What if … Induction’ scenarios for further advice if not in full time employment.

Can a Beginning Teacher complete the Northern Ireland Induction process if he/she is: (a) outside the UK jurisdiction; or (b) outside the statutory school setting?

(a) Outside the UK jurisdiction - A BT who qualifies in Northern Ireland but who takes up a teaching position in a school outside the United Kingdom, cannot complete the Northern Ireland Induction process. However, if a BT takes up a position in a British/International school which is ‘OFSTED-approved’, then he/she can complete the equivalent NQT year.  This is clarified in the  DfE publication ‘Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers (England)’, which states (p 9) that “Induction can be served in an independent school overseas which: 

  • has been inspected by a DfE-accredited inspectorate within the last six years against the Standards for Inspection of British Schools Overseas; and  
  • has satisfactorily met all of those standards/categories; and  
  • is a member of an organisation which the DfE has determined may represent such schools” 

(b) Outside statutory school setting - A BT who qualifies in Northern Ireland but who teaches in any of the following contexts during their first year of teaching cannot complete the Northern Ireland Induction process.   

  • Homework Centres 
  • Charities e.g. Barnardos 
  • Home Tutor Roles 
  • Vocational/Training programmes  
  • Voluntary Playgroups 
  • Further Education Colleges

However, for both outside the UK and outside statutory school settings, it is advised that the Beginning Teacher: 

  • familiarises him/herself with the requirements of the Northern Ireland Induction process on the Education Authority’s Induction and EPD website 
  • keeps their knowledge and understanding of the Northern Ireland Curriculum up-to-date through background reading and research 
  • builds upon the Career Entry Profile, allowing them to maintain a portfolio of evidence of reflective practice while teaching outside the UK or outside the statutory school setting within Northern Ireland.  Should he/she later return to Northern Ireland and/or to mainstream teaching, it will be at the discretion of the employing school as to whether or not this evidence will contribute to the completion of his/her Induction portfolio.

What arrangements should apply to Beginning Teachers who have not completed Induction in the last country in which employed?

The teacher is required to complete the Northern Ireland Induction process.  

Can a teacher who trains in NI and whose first year of teaching is in GB, complete Induction there during that year?

Yes the teacher can do so, as England, Scotland and Wales operate similar arrangements for Induction. However, it is important that the teacher presents formal documentation to confirm successful completion of the equivalent Induction stage upon their return to Northern Ireland.

What arrangements apply to those Newly Qualified Teachers who trained in Great Britain but whose first year of teaching is in Northern Ireland?

A BT who qualifies in other parts of the UK but whose first year of teaching is in Northern Ireland is required to complete the Northern Ireland Induction process.

When is the Induction stage completed?

The Teacher Education Partnership Handbook, available from the Department of Education’s website and the Education Authority’s Induction and EPD website, outlines the role of the Board of Governors of a school in confirming, on the recommendation of the Principal, when the Beginning Teacher has successfully completed the core requirements of Induction and may commence Early Professional Development.

How will the next school know that the Induction stage has been completed in Northern Ireland or Great Britain, especially if some time elapses between periods of employment?

The Principal should ask the teacher to present their copy of the ‘letter to confirm the successful completion of Induction’ which will have been signed on behalf of the Board of Governors in the school where Induction was undertaken.  The Principal can also seek confirmation from the GTCNI, 3rd Floor, Albany House, 73-75 Great Victoria Street, Belfast.  In the event of a teacher returning to NI having completed their first year of teaching in England, Scotland or Wales, the teacher is required to present formal documentation to confirm successful completion of the equivalent Induction stage.

What does a school need to do in the case of a teacher coming to teach in Northern Ireland from the European Union or beyond?

Firstly, the teacher must apply for GTCNI registration.  Secondly, the school should consider the teacher’s level and breadth of experience in order to determine:

  • the appropriate CLPD stage for the teacher  
  • the level of support it may need to put in place to enable the teacher to integrate fully into the Northern Ireland education system 

Is there a central record of teachers who have satisfactorily completed Induction?

Yes.  It is the school’s and Teacher Tutor’s responsibility to send a copy of the letter confirming the teacher’s successful completion of Induction to the GTCNI, 3rd Floor, Albany House, Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7AF.  In addition, the school should retain a copy for its records, provide the teacher with a copy of the letter and send a copy to the Education Authority’s Induction and EPD Team. 

Records for teachers who completed Induction prior to September 2009, are held by Teachers’ Salaries and Administration Branch of the Department of Education, Waterside House, 75 Duke Street, Londonderry, BT47 6FP. 

Is there a timeframe for completion of Induction in Northern Ireland?

No.  However, it is recommended that BTs engage with and complete the stage as soon as is possible and practicable.  Teachers should also note that before being eligible for the upper pay scale, they must have completed Induction, EPD Year 1, EPD Year 2 and two further cycles of PRSD. 

How does Induction relate to Early Professional Development?

The Induction portfolio should act as a bridge to EPD.  Areas for development highlighted in the Induction Summative Report should  be used to inform the target setting process for the EPD Professional Development Activities.  It may also, at the post EPD stage in a teacher’s CLPD, be used to inform  the annual cycles of PRSD. 

Last upated: 06/12/2018