How we buy

EA Procurement Service have embedded electronic tendering in line with current best practice. 

The eProcurement system used by the EA is utilised by almost all Public Sector organisations throughout Northern Ireland – eTendersNI. Potential suppliers are advised to register on eTendersNI and opt for as many relevant CPV (common procurement vocabulary) codes as possible. eTendersNI will email notifications about current opportunities to suppliers based on their CPV profiles.

Suppliers should refer to the eTendersNI Supplier Guidance section for information on completing and submitting tenders using the eTendersNI system.

Full guidance for suppliers is also available through the help section on the eTendersNI website, however, any queries about registering on eTendersNI or using the system can be directed to the eTendersNI helpdesk on 0800 240 4545 or email

Above EU Threshold

In accordance with current guidance and regulations, for above EU Threshold procurements, the Education Authority (EA) will award contracts on the basis of the Most Economical Advantageous Tender (MEAT).

These contracts will be advertised on eTendersNI and the Offical Journal of the European Union.

Construction Projects

Under EA Threshold

For the majority of under EA Threshold procurements the Education Authority (EA) currently operates a Procurement Strategy for its Construction Work and Services in accordance with the Simplified Approach to Procurements Over £30K and Under EU Thresholds as Procurement Guidance Note (PGN) 05/12.

EA have established Pre Qualified lists of Building Contractors known as the PQL-BW for the delivery of works projects across its estates for the two identified value bands as follows:

  • Cost Band A - £30K to £2,000,000
  • Cost Band B - £2,000,001 to EU Threshold

This will be advertised on eTendersNI and once established, the PQL-BW will be utilized up to a maximum period of 4 years from the initial award, to pre-qualify contractors  for the delivery of the construction works projects, subject to the overall value of the project remaining below EU Threshold.

Last upated: 16/04/2019